The results are in...
With your help this Green Friday we'll plant an awesome 90k trees with Trees For The Future and protect 18 million sqm of rainforest with The Rainforest Trust. We've been blown away by the support for our Black Friday alternative this year, a massive thanks to everyone who got involved.

What do these numbers mean?
Protecting 18,021,000sqm of rainforest will protect 656,818 tonnes of stored CO2e as well as countless wildlife, people and habitats. Planting 90,105 trees will restore soils, biodiversity, provide food, jobs and help to combat hunger and climate change.

What next?
We'll continue to plant a tree for every order just like we always have. As patrons of The Rainforest Trust, we'll also continue protecting rainforests with your help, now and always.

Our Conservation Partners

“100% of Passenger’s donations go to direct conservation action, meaning every penny goes to protecting threatened tropical habitat for endangered species and the climate.

Saving rainforests makes a real difference because tropical forests support over 50% of the world’s species, many of which are critically endangered. Thousands of indigenous communities rely on forests for their food, water and economic prosperity. Rainforests also safely store billions of tonnes of carbon, helping to fight climate change and stabilise global weather patterns.”

 ~ Vicky Wallace, The Rainforest Trust

Trees For the Future:

Trees For the Future provide everything communities need to grow their own forest gardens. These are trees & plants that provide food & jobs as well as the environmental benefits of each tree.

Registered charity number: 521644869

The Rainforest Trust

Passenger are Patrons of the Rainforest Trust, a conservation circle formed to protect rainforest from deforestation. When rainforests and tropical habitats are degraded or destroyed, huge amounts of stored carbon is released into the atmosphere, wildlife habitats and indigenous communities are lost. The Rainforest Trust protects these vital rainforests with every donation.

Registered charity number: 1169111

One Tree Planted:

Our first love and something that we’ll never stop doing. One Tree Planted are leaders in global reforestation, their simple $1 = 1 tree model makes reforestation simple and direct.

Registered charity number: 464664562