Plant & Protect

Plant & Protect

True to our roots, for every order we plant a tree, now and always. It’s a direct and simple way for us to give back to the places that mean the most.

We also protect existing trees and soils. We’re Patrons of The Rainforest Trust, joining their Conservation Circle dedicated to protecting rainforests, wildlife and indigenous communities all over the world.


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How does Plant & Protect work?

For every order, we plant a tree. Once we've received an order from you we make a donation to our charity partners. They're tree planting and conservation experts, so they pick which active initiatives will have the most impact at that time. They use our donation to support the chosen project by funding one newly planted tree.

We also protect existing trees and soils. We’re Patrons of The Rainforest Trust, joining their Conservation Circle dedicated to saving rainforests, wildlife and indigenous communities all over the world. We donate every month to this cause, protecting a minimum of 65 acres with each donation.

Where are my trees?

To have the greatest impact, we encourage our conservation partners to choose exactly where to plant, month-to-month, based on the needs and projects underway at the time. This could mean supporting urgent response projects like wildfire restoration or long-term habitat rewilding projects.

We believe that the trees on our doorstep are as valuable as a tree on the other side of the world. Our legendary customers have put roots in the ground on every continent.

Where do we protect rainforests?

The short answer is; all over the world. The Rainforest Trust focuses on saving real acres of rainforest through land purchases and designations all over the world. Each of their projects has been identified as crucial to preserving critical habitat for endangered species. For more than 30 years, they have been safeguarding rainforests and protecting habitats.

Who are our conservation partners?

With your help, we're proud to support:

One Tree Planted (

Trees For The Future (

Home Tree (

Tree Era (

The Rainforest Trust (

Is planting trees greenwashing?

Yes, it can be. We've been planting trees since day one and there weren’t many of us doing it back then. Putting roots in the ground is just one part of our responsibility initiatives, but it’s the part we are most known for.

It’s a simple, direct and real way for our community to give back with every purchase. Many other businesses now choose to plant trees too which we love, but no matter whether it’s popular or not, we’ll keep on planting trees today and tomorrow as we always have.

Are trees good for my wellbeing?

The simple act of being calm and still amongst the pines, soaking up the sights and sounds of nature around you is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, improve recovery time and help us feel restored and balanced.

Are trees good for the climate?

Forests store carbon and prevent warming. Tropical forests alone hold more than 210 gigatons of carbon, seven times the amount emitted each year by humans. Protecting rainforests and planting for regrowth could mitigate up to 50% of net global emissions through 2050.

Do trees purify the air?

Through their leaves and bark, they absorb harmful pollutants and release clean oxygen. In urban environments, trees absorb pollutant gases like nitrogen oxides, ozone, carbon monoxide and sweep up particles like dust and smoke.

What about water and soil?

Trees purify soil and prevent flooding, erosion and landslides. They absorb Nitrogen, Phosphorus and other pollutants from nearby streams and water sources. They capture rainwater naturally and slow down water absorption which prevents natural disasters.

Does planting trees help wildlife?

75% of land animals and plants live in forests. A single tree can be home to hundreds of species and a square kilometre of forest may be home to more than 1,000 diverse and vital kinds of life.

What about food production?

Fruit, nuts, berries and leaves are a direct and natural source of nutrition for both humans and animals. This empowers people to grow food in a sustainable way, creating skills, local jobs and independence from outside aid.

Do the locals benefit from tree planting?

Responsible forestry creates skills, jobs and an economy. Sustainable tree farming provides timber to build homes and shelters, and wood to burn for cooking and heating. This slows climate migration and encourages tree planting rather than tree removal.

What about forest fires?

Rewilding is a great way to restore environments. Forest fires can significantly damage the soil, surrounding landscape and wildlife. Reforesting the land heals the damage caused, bringing back wildlife and the natural life cycle of the forest.


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